Trains and Bustles… Oh My

Something New Borrowed & Blue bridal consultants love a great train! They can add elegance, drama, and glamour to your wedding day look. Whether you want a lengthy cathedral train or a modest sweep, they all need to be bustled – so that way you are ready to hit the dance floor when the music starts!

What’s a Bustle, you Ask?
A bustle refers to the process of transitioning the extra fabric at the back of your dress (commonly referred to as a train) from the floor and securing it the back of your gown.

Are All Trains the Same?
No, every grown will be slightly different. Trains can differ in length, material, and color. But don’t fret, trains exist to add beauty not stress. Check out some common train lengths below:



Who Adds the bustle and How is it done?
Your gown won’t come with a bustle, that’s something your seamstress will take care of during alterations. Together, you and your seamstress will decide what type of bustle is most appropriate for your gown. Before heading into your first fitting, it will be helpful to familiarize yourself with the common bustle options. Review some of the common bustle options below:



Q: Do I need a bustle?
A: Most likely, yes. Unless your dress is tea-length (meaning it hits around your ankles) you will want the back of your dress bustled so its not dragging across the floor all night.

What if I’m unsure of what a train might look like bustled during my shopping experience?
A: Ask your bridal consultant to show you how your train might look bustled. We are happy to demonstrate your options!

Should the bustle be a large part of my decision-making process while shopping for a dress?
A: No, the most important part of your decision is loving the gown. Bustles are there to add convivence on your big day.

Can I fasten the bustle myself on the wedding day?
A: No, you most likely won’t be able to bustle your dress by yourself. Ask your Maid of Honor or your most detail-oriented friend to come with you to your last fitting. Have the seamstress show them how to bustle your dress. Pro Tip: Take a video of the seamstress demonstrating how the bustle works, it never hurts to have a backup “how-to” on the wedding day.

What if my bustle breaks at the wedding?
A: Accidents happen, so be prepared! Ask a bridesmaid to bring large safety pins, a sewing needle, and clear fishing line. You probably won’t need it but it never hurts to have a backup plan.


Trains and bustles are both a part of the wedding dress shopping experience. Lean on the consultants at Something New Borrowed & Blue to help you figure out what type of train you want on your BIG day! Stop in or make an appointment with us to explore our fabulous selection.

We can’t wait to help you find the dress of your dreams!

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