Post #6 White isn’t the only choice anymore!

Well, you’ve made it through all of the try-ons and you and your consultant have found “The Gown”! The next question you will face is what color do you want your gown in?

Years ago, the only choice was white, but not so any longer! Brides are wearing gowns in soft shades of ivory, diamond white, ecru, cream, champagne, blush and gold. So many options, it almost makes your head spin! Most gowns are offered in a minimum of white or ivory, so sometimes the choice is an easy one.
Deciding on a color often comes down to what looks best on your complexion. Typically, more fair-skinned brides do better in ivory or blush, and those with deeper skin tones look great in the whitest white and ivory. Gold can often be a rich and flattering color for deeper complexions, too.
Don’t be afraid to consider a gown in a color other than white or ivory. I’m personally drawn to the blush gowns. They are just gorgeous and look particularly stunning on blondes and red heads. It’s just a hint of color that really warms up their complexion!
Try on some gowns in every color so that you can test it against your skin tone and one shade will be especially flattering to you! Join me for my next installment for more bridal shopping advice.


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