Post #5: Silhouettes and Styles

It’s time to start trying on gowns, but where do you start?  How will you know what style to start with?  Here is the 411 on all the looks you should know about.  First, let’s start with the most classic of shapes-the ball gown.  This look is defined by it’s very full skirt and a bodice that is fitted at the waist.  Ball gowns are usually best on a tall bride and work great on a boyish figure. Suddenly, you’ll have curves you didn’t know existed!
     The next look to consider is the A-line.  This gown extends out from the waist to form a soft “A”.  It looks terrific on all body types and is super flattering on everyone!  After the A-line, the the silhouette narrows a bit to the trumpet gown.  This style is also know as a fit-and-flare.  The shape gets its’ name from the straight-lined skirt that softly flares from the knees toward the hem in a trumpet shape.  It looks great on curvy brides looking to show them off!
     Another style is the mermaid gown.  It is  defined by a narrow, curve-hugging shape that follows the line of the hip and thighs and flares out below the knee.  Usually, this look is worn by brides with an hourglass figure who wants to show it off.  Keep in mind that this style can be a bit constricting!  Next is the dropped waist gown.  As the name implies, the waist is dropped and it flares out slightly below the natural waist at the hip area.  A dropped waist gown is best on a bride who has a trim middle and hips and wants to accentuate them.
     The empire cut is up next.  It has a high waist right under the bust and softly drapes to an A-line.  It looks best on a fuller-figured bride who might want to hide a tummy.  Be careful with this style if you have a large chest or fuller hips as it may make you look bigger than you really are!  Finally, there is the column or sheath gown.  The column gown has a formfitting look that skims the body’s natural line and doesn’t flare out towards the bottom.  This is a great look on a petite bride as it gives the illusion of height.  Brides that are pear-shaped (small on the top and fuller in the hips) should use caution as this style may make you look a bit unbalanced.
     Now, you have all the lingo to start trying on the looks you love!  Keep in mind that it is wise to try on one of each style to determine if it is a winner.  Once you and your consultant have nailed the silhouette down, thing will get considerably less daunting and you will start to feel confident in your choice.  Have fun and enjoy the moment.  After all, it’s all about YOU!

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