Post #3: Your Budget

So you have arrived at the store and your consultant has introduced herself to you and your party.  After a quick rundown about how the store is set up comes the next obvious question.  What is your bridal gown budget?  This is a question that is best discussed by you and your family prior to arriving at the salon.
If your mom and dad are helping you pay for your gown, talk to them prior to your appointment.  This can be a conversation that is difficult to have with your consultant right there, so I suggest you have it before you begin your search.  Be truthful with your consultant about the budget.  She will be better able to pull gowns for you that are a comfortable fit in your price range, and you won’t fall in love with a gown that is out financially out of reach.  I strongly suggest that you not try on out of budget.  It’s just heartbreaking to have a bride in tears because a well meaning friend or relative suggest you try on a gown out of budget just to “see if you like it”. Then if you can’t justify the cost you will always feel like you are in the second best gown.  Just like the perfect guy, the perfect gown is out there.  You just need to shop the many gowns that are in your price range and you will say YES to the dress of your dreams.  All while staying within budget!

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