Post #2: Prepping for the big, bridal gown shopping day!

It’s the day you and your mom have been waiting for.  This is such an exciting event!  You will be shopping for the gown to define your wedding vision.  As your bridal consultant, there are a few things we wish you knew before you start diving into the racks.  In this issue, I will discuss who to bring with you to your appointment.
First, we know you want to bring your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, all 6 bridesmaids and your adorable flower girl, but just stop for a moment.  With so many different opinions, will your opinion get lost?  After all, this is your day and your gown.  My suggestion is to bring no more than 3 important people with you who know you and your style best.  Usually, that includes your mom, and 2 other people whose opinion really matters to you.  Maybe your best friend and your Aunt would round out the group nicely.
Second, keep in mind that most bridal shops only have seating for a handful of guests for each bride they are working with.  On a busy Saturday, there may be 4 different brides in at one time, so things can get pretty congested!  It is a good idea to contact the salon you are visiting and find out any specific guidelines for guests that they may have.  At that time you can also ask what their policy is regarding bringing champagne into the shop.  Keep in mind that this will depend on the individual shop and usually means only white wines or champagne for the obvious reasons!
Follow these tips to bring these special people with you and your day will be so much more enjoyable

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